intergroup heads to Mongolia


intergroup logistics will reach the heart of Far East supporting the crew of a car during their 7,500 miles / 12.000 km trip to Ulaan Bator, in Mongolia

A piece of intergroup is heading to the Far East. The logistic company supports the crew of 2 young Lombard residents who have just left with final destination Ulaan Bator, in Mongolia. The youngsters, aboard of a Panda 4WD, left the area of Milan (Italy) on July 20th and will drive through eastern Europe, Turkey, Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakistan and Russia, before entering Mongolia and reaching its capital city, Ulaan Bator.

According to the rules of this "Mongol rally", all the vehicles used for the competition will be auctioned and the money used for charity purposes. Contestants are not allowed to use satellite navigator and are incouragd not to drive on highways.

"Our aim is to show that logistics industry can go anywhere, break down any barrier and represent an important element of connection between countries and cultures. The global world needs modern ports, interconnections and intermodal hubs" said representative of the press office of intergroup.

On average, just 70% of the crews succeed in reaching the final destination of the rally.

intergroup heads to Mongolia