"...the need to transfer goods and people quickly and safely has always influenced the evolution of every single people, and has consequently left an indelible way in human development over the course of the centuries..."

(Greek philosopher, 1000 B.C.)
In 1986, when I read this reflection dating back to almost 3.000 years ago, this appeared to me utterly futuristic.
During those years, our planet was experiencing important social, cultural and scientific changes that eventually led to a new era.
New means of transport were emerging together with innovative communication systems, and information technology was spreading across all production sectors and started influencing all aspects of social life.
In the past, raw materials were massively moved to the places where goods and finished products were manufactured; over the course of the years, because of the emergence of a complex series of factors, these have started to be produced far from the places where people would have used them.
As a consequence, the transfer of goods and people all over the world started to happen on a completely different level; we were approaching the "global market" .
These are the origins of our logo, that symbolizes flexibility and speed, and mission: The realization of a modern Distribution Logistics Intermodal Platform at the Roman Ports, just in the heart of central Italy.
We still strive to hold true to our original mission, and keep investing all our enthusiasm, passion and energy in our everyday activities.
Nicola Di Sarno 
Ps: It wouldn’t have been possible to turn the original idea into practice without the enthusiasm, support and dedication of all men and women who have cooperated with me over the course of the years, the loyalty of our customers and the support of my family. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.